Jane Chen Vocal Studio






I’m a singing teacher with 32 years singing experience, 19 years teaching experience, and a highly discerning ear.


  1. enjoy singing and want to improve your voice

  2. are a professional singer interested in constantly growing

  3. or, are someone somewhere in between

the lesson

An extraordinary voice develops when you strengthen it to an extraordinary degree. We use rigorous scales and exercises to maximize diaphragmatic breathing, strengthen the abdominals, and resonate the sound.


  1. increased range within weeks

  2. enormous lung capacity & breath control

  3. core abdominal strength and stability

  4. confidence & a deeper understanding of your instrument

  5. over time, an arresting voice of unusual & striking quality


yale university

B.A. in Theater Studies

classically trained

Since 1987

private voice teacher

Since 2000

                               *    *    *    *

“Jane is the most effective voice teacher I have ever encountered.”

- Summer L.

“ I soon lost my fear of singing and began to find my own true voice.”

-Issabella S.